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What can  I say about Inflation? I think its always goes up in price.

Do you know it is only 10 cents for a glass of Teh Tarik, those days and now its 80 cents or 1 ringgit! One plate of  simple “Mee Goreng”  is only 20 cents.

roti koko

I used to eat this Roti Koko, as far as I remember, if I’m not wrong, it has the same plastic design cover and same bread size. It comes in different colour too, brown for Coco, green plastic cover design for pandan flavour, red for cream, etc… by the way, How much is it last time? Anyone can recall having this bread?

I just couldn’t believe it until I asked some elderly people, including my grandpa.

How about a motorbike? What about the price of a car? or a house?

How much does all these cost now?

If the Teh Tarik goes up to 8 times, then our salary at RM1,000 should become RM8,000, right? Unfortunately not!

In short, you and I just have to live with it! We can’t do anything about it!

That’s Inflation!

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Authored by kevinn on 16th March 2009

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