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When you signed up with a MLM company, you are normally called as, a Member.

"Are you a Member of so and so MLM company?" Yes, I am with so and so MLM company. I buy the products at membership price and I am able to sell at a profit, I can accumulate points for the redemption of other items and received bonuses every month, and so on.

There are many other name, like an Independent Distributor. Some named it as Marketing Executive.

An Independent Distributor must pay a membership fee to become a member of a MLM company. They are required to pay yearly fee in order to activate their membership. This is call membership fee renewal. Some companies requires you to do so.

There are companies that doesn't take any membership fee at all. A customer who buy a single product will be a member automatically and be able to start recruiting others.

An Independent Distributor can represent a MLM company. He/She can also represent other MLM company. Many people do.

Some of them represent so many MLM companies and changes MLM companies very fast. Last month, I saw you with ABC company, today, you come to see me with XYZ company.

People doing 1 MLM company and do another, perhaps because of their products differences.

If one doesn't do well in a MLM company, one may change to another. There are reasons, perhaps they don't give time for their business to grow, or they give up too soon in their first MLM company.


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Authored by kevinn on 26th November 2010

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