How to choose the best MLM plan?

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Different people have different levels of understanding in MLM. I have been an MLM distributor and also has been in the MLM Management since 19th July 1975.

The BEST MLM plan will have these  criteria mentioned below:

1. Make sure the company doesn't sell "lots" or "centers"

2.Any commisions earned MUST be paid ON THE SPOT, IN CASH, daily.

3.They must have a small monthly maintenance which is below Rm20.00

4.They have a trial period of 90 days.

5.A REAL TIME, 24 hours. world wide.

6.They must SHOW PROOF  for whatever they tell you.

7. NEVER BELIEVE when they  say the company IS GOING TO….blah..blah..blah…

8. NEVER choose a " Breakaway System"

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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 4th January 2010

4 Responses to “How to choose the best MLM plan?”

  1. Md Rafein Says:

    My team going to start business with Pretty Collection (M) Sdn Bhd. The earning plan is a binary concept.
    What is the best  marketing strategy?

  2. Hock Says:

    Binary plans benefit  more to the company rather than to their distributors. The company should realise that if  their distributors do not bring in more distributors,  the company will not survive for long. What they do  is they open up new countries.  . If you look at their  graph in their  head office,  it  will  show an uptrend , this is because the  graph shows   worldwide. But in every country, the graph will show a curve (up then  down).  The distributors drop out rate is very high.
    The person who does the Marketing plan must know MLM STRATAGIES.  Without  STRATAGIES , the plan is  DEAD.  A company can have 100 products and can change products, but  a company  has ONLY ONE PLAN, and it  should not be changed  unless the government in the country they operate wants them to change their requirements. TIENS started in China , but because it was banned by their government,  they made their  H.Q. in Germany.  
    I have created a plan where no MLM  Company in the WORLD has got it yet, AT THE MOMENT. I am VERY SURE it will be copied later. It  took me 34 years to come out  with this plan. Have a nice day.

  3. kevinn Says:

    Dear friends and visitors,

    I apologize for being a little late, due to the tight schedule in the office early this year. We had social events like bowling and karaoke, early breakfast in the office, celebration on our sales achievements, workshops, meetings, collegue's promotion, and farewell, an implementation of a New Project, all at the same time! Now, I'm back…

    Thank you Mr. Md Rafein for bringing the topic of “Binary Plan” in the blog. First of all, I want to Congratulate you for starting a MLM business and designing a MLM marketing plan.

    I also thank Mr. Hock, for his time, to share his concrete comment on MLM  Marketing Plan, especially on Binary Plan.

    A plan is just a plan, but with STRATEGIES, it becomes interesting and with that, the company has got something to shout about, for being different among the rest of MLM Marketing Plans out there. 

  4. hock Says:

    Dear friends,
    If you know of any programmers in the I.T Industries, please let me know because I am looking for a partner in my business. I have come up with an innovative plan, no one has it  yet in the world. This will help many people to improve their lifestyle. Please help me so that we can help others. Thank you.

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