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Let's flash back a little, way back to the 70s.

There is a company called Holiday Magic, before Amway comes into picture.

Holiday Magic started in Malaysia in 1973. The founder is Bill Cox. My dad was also involved as a distributor of Holiday Magic.

Not many people heard of this name, but I believe those people during my dad's time will know. Holiday Magic closed in 1974. Only 1 year in operation.

Holiday Magic is from the U.S., dealing with Cosmetics Products, more to skincare. They have cucumber paste in a bottle, avocado in a bottle and there are also products, all made of fruits in a tube, just like our toothpaste tube.

They have a Buy Up Plan. Buy Up meaning buying in bulk, buying in a large sum, a lot of money involved. There are some MLM companies nowadays practicing this method, Buy Up.

Holiday Magic training is terrific, they catch you and throw you to the sea. Can you swim? They make you struggle and try to survive! They use brain storming technique in their training program. They brain wash all their distributors.

The highest level position or ranking in the compensation plan is called General, and the lowest level position is called Holiday Girl. 

The General will buy the products and sell them to their downlines (their lower position), who will then sell to their downlines. The product does not go to the end user (customer). The products is moving within the distributors, downwards. The General can sell to customers, but they normally sell to downlines/distributors.

Holiday Girl is the only position who is actually searching for customers and do the selling. Holiday Girl are not allowed to recruit until they achieve a certain number of sales volume and goes up to a certain level position. 

Why is Holiday Magic is not known? Because at that time, nobody recognize Holiday Magic as a MLM company. It is considered as Direct Selling Company.

In 1975, Amway is registered and known as a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Company)

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Authored by kevinn on 16th September 2010

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