Eyes bigger than Stomach

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dim sum breakfast

We had breakfast at dim sum restaurant early one sunday morning.

Dim Sum is a famous chinese dish eaten as to pass time, served in small plates.

We took a few small plates here and there as the lady with the tray full of Dim Sum came to our table.

It looks so nice, those little small bites, served hot, with the steam coming out, another lady with different tray, we took a few more plates.

After half way enjoying our meal, we felt full, but there were three quarter left of Dim Sum on our table.

Our belly is like going to burst.  How are we going to finish it? Hey, we still have a pot of chinese hot tea.

So, how are we doing so far? Knowing that we had enough and knowing we are the only one stayed the longest , seeing all other tables are occupied by new customers, we consistently trying to finish our food.

Another lady with trays of more food walking to our table, asking us “Would you like to try our new dish?” she is ever ready to put it on our table.

We quickly say “Oh… No !  ” Thank you, we had enough.

Taking our own sweet time, take a short break, stop chewing for a while. Drink our chinese tea and continue our last bites.

Yes, we finally finish our food, not going to waste.

Lesson to learn: never take more of those delicious dishes, until we have finish what we have on our table.

Our eyes are bigger than our stomach!  We ask more than we can handle.

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Authored by kevinn on 29th December 2013

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