Elusive Carrot

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The donkey had no choice. The driver is controlling the donkey.

Donkey = Distributor

Driver = The Company

Carrot = Bonus


One of the reason of having Marketing Plan in a MLM Company is to know how are distributors being paid. 

Another aspect you will notice in a MLM Marketing Plans is the rank/position, in which you will achieve as your group grows. There are companies showing many levels of ranking and income potential by acquiring that rank. Nevertheless, not many distributors can achieve to the top/reach to the top, because the Company made it that way. There are others who make it achievable for their distributors.  


You can also cut the carrot and put the pieces on the ground for the donkey to eat or changing priorities and it will also move forward or to where you want it to go.

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Authored by kevinn on 12th October 2011

2 Responses to “Elusive Carrot”

  1. rajaram or raj Says:

    these products on multi level should be good however……not much of info is given such as medical product weather is it original or generic….the doses to be taken, age factor and how many times to be taken.  4 example if someone have a healthy and balance diet……additional medical products should be taken……4 my opinion should there more info on MLM products…..or are they selling to make profits…tz

  2. Kevinn Tan Says:


    Hello Raj,

    Yes, there are good products sold through MLM system, and there are also not so good MLM products too. Information on the products, testimonies, quality, research and development, method of consumption, etc, can be obtained or referred to, via uplines, internet, books, doctors, visits to their manufacturing plant, and so on.

    Many of us, neither healthy nor sick, taking normal meals, may try supplements and other health food to add to their daily intake. 

    There are companies (not all), who emphasis on making money thru Marketing Plan, and product is secondary, just to fulfill the rules and regulations.

    All companies are selling products or services to make profit, no doubt. There are MLM companies, providing good product benefits at the same time good income to their distributors.

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