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Good day to all.

We always said : " Good night, sweet dreams "

Dream sweet dreams when you sleep.

Just curious and wanting to know – "Have you ever seen your child, no matter how young they are, keeping quiet or still, sometimes during the day?"

They maybe sitting on the floor, holding a pencil with their homework on a table, in the living room, but their mind wandering all over.

Heii, do you homework, stop dreaming!!! you shouted at them. Your child dreaming stops, and he start to continue with his/her homework.

They are actually day dreaming. Their body is here, but their mind is not. Please don't stop your child dreaming.

Most of us, or in fact, ALL of us have DREAMS. Our Dreams are nice, beautiful, perfect, wonderful, creative, and all positive.

Our dreams makes us alive! and drive us towards achieving them! All of us want to live up to our dreams! Some of us are living their dreams right now, and for some not yet.

As we grow year after year, many things change, and our dreams gets smaller and smaller, or further and further from us.


Perhaps, we have not accomplish what we have planned. These people give up to soon. They get discouraged.

Some may say, let's not have dreams. Without dreams, we don't get discourage or demotivated. Life would be much easier. Never, never, never ever think this way.

People who don't have dreams are not living their life, they are merely existing in this world, they are just another living thing. We live our life once, make it great!

Dreams are like building castle,the castle is in the air, you make your way or route towards the castle. Set your dreams and find ways to go after it!

Dreams and make your dreams come true.

  • Authored by kevinn on 22nd January 2011

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