Don’t Be A Sucker

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DO NOT invest more than US60 to join any MLM company.

Millions of people around the world has made fortunes with small capital. You don't have to come out BIG capitals to earn BIG money. 

Do not BUY UP products. 

If you do, you have been TRICKED. Many have bought up products and they are stuck with them. Your upline and especially the company is making the money.

They give you a fantastic recognition, gives you a  TITLE  and gives back YOUR money which YOU gives to them earlier and dump their products in your house.

At last when all the excitement cools off, you realise that you have been a SUCKER.

by Hock H.E.Tan

(MLM Practitioner since 1975)


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Authored by kevinn on 7th August 2010

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  1. hock Says:

    It is very important to understand the marketing plan of any MLM company that you are going to join.   If you choose the wrong plan as MANY has done you may lose time and money. The worst thing that could happen to you is , you  may totally lose interest in DOING MLM. 
    I know of MANY  friends who tell me that , the present MLM company they are doing is BETTER  than their previous company.  This happens ALL THE TIME.  Does is sound familiar to you? 
    I love to understand as many MLM plans as I can.  What fears me is that these people comes back again and again , they continue calling and sms me to attend meetings. I just want to know the plan , if the plan is GOOD , i WILL look for him.

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