Do MLM for the right reason

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There is a saying that goes “He who has a why to live, can bear almost any how”.

If one really know the reason of doing MLM, than he/she will be staying long enough in this industry. The reason I am saying this is because, many people give up too soon and I felt the same way too.
But after I had gone through a deeper understanding about MLM, I am able to see a much clearer picture.

My reason for doing MLM is to achieve F.I.P.F. which stands for Financial Independence and Personal Freedom. It is not all about the money we are chasing for, in MLM business. What are we looking for besides money? Later, we will look at other areas, such as the benefits and features of a MLM business.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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Authored by kevinn on 16th January 2009

2 Responses to “Do MLM for the right reason”

  1. H.E.Tan Says:

    Hi Everyone ,
    ALL OF US DO NOT HAVE EQUAL TALENTS, BUT WE ALL HAVE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, TO DEVELOP OUR TALENTS. But which is THE best opportunity to choose. I say, it is the MLM opportunity. Many people do not know what MLM is truly about. Even if they know, how to choose MLM to do? How to choose the MLM company suitable for you.

  2. kevinn Says:

    Hi, There are so many MLM companies to choose from. Let me share with you my opinion on my posting dated January 20th, 2009. Thank you.

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