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Hello again.

I am Hock. I would like to continue from where I stopped, from the posting on Dec 11, and today, I will share with you about Distributor Friendly Plan.

Yes. Distributor Friendly Plan.

It means a company which makes it easy for distributors to earn a CONTINUOUS income. There are different types of Marketing Plans, and many strategies WITHIN the plans.

Any MLM company CANNOT survive, if its distributors find it difficult to earn income from its Marketing Plan. Then, the distributors will run to another company. I have seen many plans, for over 35 years. Not all MLM Marketing Plans are the same.

Recently, I have met this Founder and President, of a MLM Company, which I think is Genuine and Sincere in doing business.A true MLM Company. So, I signed up on the 23rd of November 2010 and I am inviting you to work this plan with me.

By the way, please beware of any MLM Companies which:

1) Sell Lots, Centers, Accounts, etc, etc,…

2) Only requires you to pay / invest only ONCE. (One time only)

3) Requires you to pay between RM5,000 to RM100,000 to be a stockist, either mobile stockist or main stockist.

4) Allows you to "top up" its entry level.

5) Unable to show you their AJL (Akta Jualan Langsung), or Direct Selling Act Licence.

6) Pays you for recruiting new members and do not have any physical products to sell.

Do remember, MLM is Multi-Level Marketing. What products are they selling? MLM companies do not sell members or distributors.

By Hock H.E.Tan

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Authored by kevinn on 22nd December 2010

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  1. Monavie Chan Says:

    Hi Hock,
    We don't seem to be able to do things together.  Please allow me to give my 2 sen worth. There are many business that can bring profit – some low cost and some high cost. But after dealing with one local MLM company, my bet is on foreign owned companies that do not have local share-holders.

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