Dengue Fever

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I can smell the fogging this morning, while I was resting at home after discharged from hospital.

Dengue fever is everywhere. The patient lying down on the bed beside me in the hospital, was having dengue.  His girlfriend is at the lower floor also suffering high dengue fever.

The opposite uncle who is about to discharged after his back spinal bone operation, heard of his daughter and son in law, both diagnosed with dengue, and have to be admitted immediately on the same day. My good old neighbour’s daughter also suffer with dengue fever.

Although my temperature has gone back to normal (37.4), my highest was 38.2, I was retained due to the decreasing blood platelets to as  low as 65L. Some patients goes as low as 33L, (should be 100 and above), some with no energy, couldn’t even walk properly. Every morning around 4am t0 6am,  the hospital assistant will wake me up to take my blood sample, for blood platelets report.

I took some green stuff, papaya leaves, it was very bitter, and also tried another plant with a chinese name : Lock Key Sen Ken (picture below). Another green stuff  I took also, the name is Liquid Chlorophyll, which is very much the same structure with the blood, the only different is the middle of the blood cell is iron and for liquid Chlorophyll is magnesium. I also took grapes, watermelon fruit, including the white part of the skin, isotonic drink (100Plus), don’t know which actually works on me. Just couldn’t depend solely on hospital medicines, Uphamol (Panadol), pill for gastric, pills for stomach, pill for side effect (Itchiness on my palms) etc. I was also on drips all the while since day 1.

lock key sen ken plant

Never before admitted to the hospital in my life, feeling tired, joints pain, headache, no energy, feeling useless, feeling grateful to my parents, fellow friends who have help me with the food, and support and to God, the  Almighty for blessings and healings.

Always look out and go all the way to kill these tiny insects before it kills you! A tiny mosquito can bring a healthy guy down!

Oh ya, on fogging, I almost forgot, I also heard fogging while I was lying down on my hospital bed, on one of the evenings. Fogging around the hospital area and other surrounding area, two of the famous Supermalls, hotels, shows how serious this is to us.

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Authored by kevinn on 7th October 2013

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