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I would like to make a statement. This is a FACT.  MLM companies need NETWORK BUILDERS.  ( they are the doers , either part/full time )   These BUILDERS need the  users/customers.  Without the users/customers,  the BUILDERS  cannot survive.

The BUILDERS will run to other MLM companies if they cannot earn money in the present MLM which they are doing.  The users/customers do not bother about the plan, what they want is that the products are beneficial to them.  They don't care how many times the company may change the plan, as long as they can continue getting the products.

The  BUILDERS can keep buying the products to maintain their quota but cannot finish using the products. (refer to Holiday Magic).   Their BUILDERS  buy  products in bulks and HIDE it somewhere, afraid their spouse may find out. THIS IS A FACT. 

Any MLM company  which requires the BUILDLER  to buy huge amounts of products and then to dispose it to another BUILDER,  mind you, I REPEAT,  dispose it to another BUILDER, not to a user/customer is a  CONNY  MLM company.  I just cannot describe this type of company.  Does it sound familar.  Anyway if the hat fits use it. 

Many  people are happy to be conned everyday. You know why they are happy, because they are laughing and clapping hands, while being conned. ME? There is nothing I can do about it, just watched these  conned people go out and con other people.

That is why i called it  C O N N Y  MLM  company.

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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 12th January 2011

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