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Hello and Good day to all,


How is everything going so far ? hmm… doing Fine…. Great!!!

I have Good News, a Job Offer for you! 

You were given choices to work from 2 different Companies, Company A and Company B.

This Job requires you to work for only a month. The following is the Salary or Payout :

Company A paying you RM10,000 per day, everyday for a month.

Company B is paying you at  RM0.01 cent, and double the amount the following day, everyday for also a month.


Company A

1st day : RM10,000

2nd day : RM10,000

3rd day  : RM10,000 

4th day : RM10,000 

. . . 

10th day : RM10,000

. . . 

15th day : RM10,000

and so on,

up to 30days

Company B :

1st day  : RM0.01

2nd day : RM0.02

3rd day  : RM0.04

4th day  : RM0.08

. . . 

10th day : RM5.12

. . . 

15th day : RM163.84

and so on,

up to 30days


You were given option to choose only one, either Company A or Company B.

Which Company would you choose to work with ?

and Why ?

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Authored by kevinn on 16th September 2011

25 Responses to “Choose a Company”

  1. bluemoon Says:

    Company B, bcz the money is accumulating..but nowadays every1 wish for fast money income. They want to "see" the money immediately..but never think of the future, biasa la..(it’s normal human behaviour) Juz sharing.

  2. Kevinn Tan Says:

    Hello Bluemoon,

    Thank you for your opinion and I do agree with you.

  3. Grace Ng Says:

    I choose B

  4. jason ng Says: A..10k per day..everyday 10k grow the money in daily basis = 10k + interest = more than 10k per day..comapny B only is good also but result slow…mayber after 3 months only see big money..but we dunno what might happend before 3 month..:)

  5. sam toh Says:

    choose B but  at 1st i choose A but after my sis explain the B is the best hahaha

  6. Ong Siow Yee Says:

    I will choose company B, bec the money earn will double up each day… By the way we can earn more in future compare to company A that only pay the same amount every day…

  7. daniel lim Says:

    n of course if u are a business minded,sure u will choose B company cz the digit will accumulating n the chart will going up when the company A will remain the same line… i choose company B…^^ THX!

  8. Kevinn Tan Says:

    Dear fellow friends,

    I m grateful and thank you for spending some time, to share a piece of your mind on this topic! thank you.

    Obviously, different ppl hv different thinking, some want fast money, some want long term. Let's heard what the rest have in mind,ok 🙂

  9. suzen Says:

    I will choose B. After I calculated,both companies offer work for 1 month but the payment of company B is more than company A at the end of month.

  10. Kah Shun Says:

    I’ll choose B cos by the 30th day you will be paid RM5,368,708.8. This is
    Only payment for 30th day, cummulatively, you’ll be getting more than this amount. Probably 8mil+.
    Then again it depends on whether you will be fired before the 30th day or not… Haha..

  11. Jimmy Says:

    Company B: Compounding interest, exponential growth, snowball theory 🙂

  12. Mabel Says:

    Company B becos the amount is accumulative and it makes you look forward to work as the money increase. In other words, it does motivate you to work.

  13. nezumi Says:

    i will choose company A as i prefer fast income. with the fast income i can invest in some other things which might bring greater income.

  14. Daniel Solomon Says:

    I will choose Company B because by the 30th day my payout will be $5,368,709.10 which is way more than what I will be getting from Company A 🙂

  15. Jeslyn Says:

    Wahh I thought you really want to offer me that job ler.haha :p
    Of course I'll choose company B if given questions like this. But when it comes to real situations, people can't be guaranteed to get double their salary each day, so for safety purposes they will tend to choose the ones with salaries maintained.
    But I guess for risk takers/ entrepreneurs, perhaps they will want to choose B. As what people always says high risk, high return. haha that's just my two cents of it 🙂

  16. Calynn Says:

    Details on the terms and conditions not clear but heck i'll go for Comp A cos i dont want to take the risk of getting fired should tht happen ;P even by day 2 i'll be getting RM 20K instead of RM 0.02…..think about it. haha

  17. jimmycse Says:

    i think i would work with company B because the compounded is so vast as compared to company A provided is being pay as it have announce. have a good day.

  18. Roshan Says:

    Company B. Power of Binary !!!! Think long term

  19. Dexter Yin Says:

    I would choose company B as the amount of the money is accumulating compared to company A. The power of accumulation is powerful. Not many people believe in this because they want to earn fast money but for me sustainability for a very long term is important.

  20. chong Says:

    Of course B lo! any kangtou?

  21. irene lynn ee Says:

    I will choose company B as the amount of the money is accumulating compared to company A..

  22. Benjamin Lee Says:

    At 30 days, I would receive the following:-
    Company A: RM 300,000
    Company B: RM 10,737,418.24
    The answer is quite obvious if assuming that the payment will be honored.
    Correction to your typo (I followed your example). I assume you meant 1cent as you typed RM0.01 cent. Of course, if 0.01 cents on day 1, then I choose Co. A instead of B.

  23. Benjamin Lee Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry….I calculated 1cent more. You should be getting RM 10,737,418.23.
    Those that calculated around RM 5.3 million is wrong as you need to add up all the days as the payment is made daily.

  24. Ben Law Says:

    The first company that cross my mind is Company A coz to me, anything can happen at any day, any time. So might as well grab as much as we can first before anything happen but after looking at that so much difference between Company A & B, i think i'll go for Company B.

  25. Suling Says:

    I will choose neither. A because how many days you have to wait to get RM10,000 from choice B and who knows how long you will live? I choose A, i get RM300,000 per month minimum and fixed. I choose B, I get maximum 2 million. it also depends how long i can work in the company.

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