Direct Selling Act

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Direct Selling Act or in Malay Language, it is called “Akta Jualan Langsung” (AJL) is a MLM licence registered with the Ministy of

It is a must in any legitimate Multi Level Marketing companies.

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Like attracts Like

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People who are looking for a money game compensation plan will get attracted to a MLM company who play this game.

MLM company designed in many ways to attract certain kind of group.

those who likes the long term and stable income will be involved / will be with the MLM company who has that attributes.

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Perspective has a wide meaning and to make it easy to understand, it simply means point of view.

A subject or topic of discussion is viewed by many people around us.

Each of these people has their own view on a single, same subject and they are not wrong, they are all correct.

An individual acts / reacts in a certain way depends on many reason – from the way they are brought up, culture, believes, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, background, needs, wants and desires. No two human beings are exactly the same, even twins.

Some people may define Multi-Level Marketing business as a get rich quick scheme. The reason because they join the company, with an intention to make a lot of money in a very short time. For the first timer who joined with a group of leaders, who play the money game method, these first timer will never get involve in any of these MLM business, when they fail in their first MLM company. To first timer, MLM is a money game.  The way we look at things. 


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How is your current lifestyle?

Do you like your current lifestyle? Are you living the lifestyle that you want / dream about?

If you do, congratulations! If you don’t! You may want to consider doing something with your life, now, or else it will be the same 5 years from now.

Pray and be grateful, be thankful and appreciate with whatever you have right now, say thank you for having good health, family and a career, etc, but if you want something more, you got to do something.


Would you like to have a better lifestyle? 

If you are not having the lifestyle that you wish for, perhaps what you are doing now is not bringing you closer to it. 

No matter how much you are earning, pardon me, if you are trading an hour for an hour of wages, then you are earning linear income. 

Let’s build a secondary career, bringing you residual income.

This graft is easily understood and it make sense, and it was similarly drawn by my dad to me years ago. My friend brought me to meet his friend/mentor whom draw at the same time elaborate to me, sharing his MLM business.  

He made me realized that I have got to do something about my life. I think from time to time, each of us have to get this kind of awareness within us.} else {

Authored by kevinn on 3rd October 2015

Time and Income

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You are trading time for money (income), if you are working for someone, private sector and working for the government. This is call linear income.

In MLM business there is no exception. MLM people also exchange their time to earn income, but in a unique way. Let’s see how it is different.


In MLM business, as you begin sharing the opportunity, you are spending your time in building your business. 

Let’s look at the diagram, and let us show you how it is read, the letter T represent Time and $ is income and we look at it horizontally and from top to bottom of the diagram.

As you begin your business, you start to learn, to make first appointment, to begin sharing the business opportunity, to sponsor, to sell the first product, etc. It takes some time to grow.

You will find out, it takes some time to build your business organization and the return is very small. As shown from (Point A), the T spend is so much and the $ is small. 

When you keep on doing it persistently and correctly, you spend lesser time than the time you spend when you first started and your income grows bigger. This is from the (Point B) horizontal line. It looks like the T spend is equal to the income earned.

As you build, coach and duplicate to more of your downliners to do the same, your time spend on the business will be much lesser, and your income grows even more. (Point C) Less numbers of (T) time, and more income, the ($$$$$$$$) dollars signs!

 This is the quality time spend with your loved ones, or perhaps you would have plan some time for travelling and so on. Time to retire early and having the money to enjoy your life. 

This is how it looks like. This is what MLM business can do for you.

Authored by kevinn on 31st August 2015

You got to pay the price

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You have got to pay the price!


” Get FREE things out there “

Does it sounds nice? –  Of course!

. . . . . you got cheated.


They say that ” You can win a price!”  or   “You have won a price!”

. . . . . you got cheated

Why you got cheated? It is because of greed !


Please do this, you are required to do this and that, and invest your money in order to get your price / huge rewards.

You will end up losing more of your hard earn money.

Why you got cheated ? It is again, because of greed!


Perhaps it is not because of greed! alone. It is because we want more in life, we want something better for ourselves and our families. 

All of us needs money / income to survive, we are working to make ends meet. 

There are NO such things! as big, fast and easy money coming rolling to you.

If one does not have enough, please start with a part-time job. 

I repeat, there are no fast way of earning money. You have got to put in effort and time. You have got to invest your effort and time to earn your extra money.


make ends meet :  to have enough money to pay for your basic expenses.



Authored by kevinn on 21st May 2014

Satay Business

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Hello all,

How are you all doing? … hope you are doing great! 

We are going to tell you a short story about a delicious mouth-watering food, called Satay, a dish of marinated meat, may consist of beef, mutton, chicken, etc, grilled over a charcoal fire and served with seasoning.

Here is a story about two friends selling satay, side by side, next to each other. Let's name it Satay Stall Ali (A) and Satay Stall Baba (B).

One weekend, Satay Stall Ali sold about 50 sticks and Satay Stall Baba sold about 350 sticks. They both operating their business from 8pm to 10pm. Business was good all the time for Stall Baba. 

One fine day, during their off day, Business Owner Ali went over to Business Owner Baba's house for a chat…  

and at the same time, Ali ask about how he did his business, what is the ingredient in the gravy. 

… and Business owner Baba, said "nothing special, just extra service, maybe you didn't treat the customer well, that's all"

Will Baba tell or share his secret or recipes to Ali? What do you guys think? 

If Baba did, then the number of sticks will turn out to be 200 sticks for Ali and 200 sticks for Baba, equal number of sticks sold for both Satay Stalls. Baba will lose his business and Ali gain.

I doubt Baba will share, nope, Baba will be hesitated to do so. Nope, Baba won't tell Ali about the way he does his business. This is what happen in most conventional businesses.

In MLM business, it should be working the other way round. Take for example, Ali is Baba's downline. Baba will share his knowledge, experience and skills to Ali.  Upline (Baba)  should help, develop downline (Ali), in order to prosper. It will be a win win situation.


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What is this man doing in the middle of the road?

Can you see a cigarette he is holding?

This guy in his shorts and slippers, under the hot sun, walking around for a cigarette. He goes from one car to the other, while all these drivers are waiting at the traffic lights. 

Some drivers do smoke, but are not willing to give him a stick, afraid he might attack them. But he is harmless, he just want to smoke, that's it.

He came towards me, and he did ask from me, showing fingers sign, unfortunately I don't smoke, so he didn't manage to get it from me. I used to see him some time ago, then he is gone. Now, he is back….again. 

When the lights turn green, he will be sitting by the roadside until another fleet of cars comes, and he goes on asking until he get a stick. 

Hey guys, guess what will he do after he finally got a cigarette?

. . . He will now go around for someone, who has a lighter. He mission now, is to go again from one car to another for a lighter.

At times, he only got a cigarette. Sometimes, he is lucky enough to get his cigarette and someone kind enough to light it up for him. 

I like his attitude of never giving up, he knows what he wants, and keep asking.

Failure is nothing to him, he just keep on asking, asking and asking.

Hopefully, someone out there, would offer him a job, or give him something to do, make him earn his money. At least he could earn a living, rather than wandering around, could knock down by a car. 




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Financial Freedom

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         A big part of 


       freedom is 

            having your

       heart and mind


       from worry

              about the

     what-ifs of life.


Suze Orman

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