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Authored by kevinn on 1st November 2017

Right and Wrong

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Nothing is right or wrong,

its your thinking that makes it so.

It is not who is right , or who is wrong .

It’s what is right , what is wrong.




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Authored by kevinn on 27th December 2014

Real and Imaginary

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My brain cannot tell

the difference between

something that is real


something that is clearly imagined.




Authored by kevinn on 14th November 2014

Runaway Train

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Train never reverse

only slight turn.








Authored by kevinn on 12th October 2014

Medical Insurance

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I notice for the second time, today seeing my friend taking his medication after his lunch.

He has high blood pressure and he has to take it regularly.


pill 1


Sooner or later, when one falls sick and need medical attention, one have to seek for money to bear the cost.

A simple and most common operation, for example is the appendix. Do you know how much is the cost today?

If you have sufficient money in the bank, you probably have no problem.

When it comes to a sudden financial expenses, one may uses credit card, but is it sufficient? Perhaps some operation is possible. But you have to pay back your card!

Nowadays, most people acknowledge the importance of medical card. If you have one, Congratulations! But, do you know is it sufficient for today and the future raising medical cost?

I have made some important decision on this matter and some of us, who have medical insurance, should know more about it.

You may seek consultation with my friend, Ms. S.K. Tay. She can be contacted at 017-6728511.




Authored by kevinn on 31st August 2014


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Authored by kevinn on 27th August 2014

MLM Market

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Early this year, before my dad passed away in April, he did mentioned to me about this new MLM company here in Malaysia started by a young guy from China, and this guy is going to be the richest man in the world one day. Some feeling of hard to believe in achieving wealth is a very short period of time. Later, I came to know about Zhang Jian and his MLM operation.

Zhang Jian



People choose to do MLM, with different purpose.

There are MLM companies, that is product driven. Bonus or income earned monthly by distributors / members from the volume of products sold to the end users or consumers, calculated based on the MLM compensation plan of that company. Consumers enjoy the goodness or the benefits of the products and continue to consume them regularly.

There are MLM companies who attract people who wish to make a lot of money within a short period of time.

What you look for in choosing a MLM company?

Greed. some people are attracted to the fast and easy money. Some prefer a stable long term.

Even though there are MLM companies which have AJL and SSM licence, other licences, etc, still these may not stop them from doing an illegal MLM marketing strategies.

As long as there are no complains from members who claims they lose money, being cheated with the products or cheated by the payout from the promising MLM compensation plan, that would be fine.  If it is otherwise, the authorities will take action to these MLM companies.


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Authored by kevinn on 10th August 2014

Hard Work

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great ideas and concepts.



the results.




Authored by kevinn on 24th April 2014


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Quite some time ago, the year around 2009, my dad was an Independent Distributor of L’arome International, a MLM company dealing with fragrance product line. This is a banner made of cloth, I think Mr. Hock got it from their meeting or conference hall. I like the tagline “Mixing Business with Pleasure”

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Authored by kevinn on 25th February 2014

Choose to do MLM

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MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) started in 1931 during the depth of depression in USA. The Malaysian Government approved the Act called the Direct Selling Act (DSA) in June 1993.
There are also MLM companies without Akta Jualan Langsung (AJL) Licence, in Malaysia. Many people are afraid of MLM companies.

Last week, a friend showed me another company with no AJL, no office, no product and doesn’t know who is the management. All they have are upline’s mobile numbers. The interesting part is, a lot of people joining. Distributors bringing another distributor to join this company,which later will be conned by them.

In 1972, there was a company named, Holiday Magic, which was the number 1 of such company in Malaysia. People being conned 20 years ago, today and many more years to come.
But there are still people getting involve in MLM until today and will continue to do so in the future.

Why do people join or do MLM? What is so special about MLM? If you say its about making money, becoming rich… Well, we have doctors, lawyers, lecturers, accountants, engineers, professional people, even millionaires are doing MLM. They are making lots of money already, but then, why are they still going into MLM?
Get in touch with me. Before you join any MLM company, please do not hesitate to ask my point of view. I just don’t want you to be conned.




Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 4th February 2014

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