MLM is good

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is still the best way to create wealth.

As a "distributor" you must choose the right "MLM company".

How do you know which company to choose?

It takes a very experience person who TRULY KNOWS how MLM works.

You must look for a company which is DISTRIBUTOR FRIENDLY. A company which TRULY wants it's DISTRIBUTORS to make money.

Most companies designed its plan in such a way that THEY make money for themselves at the expense of their distributors.

I know this is true because I have done MLM since 19th July 1975.

Thank you.

by Hock H.E.Tan


Authored by kevinn on 9th October 2010

The Importance of Marketing Plan

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In doing MLM, choosing the right plan is very important. Why do I say so?

I am from Malaysia and there is a company named Nature Sunshine Products.

This company has been selling the SAME products but has been changing its MARKETING PLAN , FOUR times.

The plan represents the horse . The product represents the cart.

It is the horse that moves the cart, NOT the the other way round. A company can have MANY products but it can have ONLY ONE plan. One Marketing Plan, some called it Compensation Plan.

Thank you for reading. Before I leave, remember this quotation.


by : Hock H.E.Tan

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Authored by kevinn on 2nd September 2010

Don’t Be A Sucker

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DO NOT invest more than US60 to join any MLM company.

Millions of people around the world has made fortunes with small capital. You don't have to come out BIG capitals to earn BIG money. 

Do not BUY UP products. 

If you do, you have been TRICKED. Many have bought up products and they are stuck with them. Your upline and especially the company is making the money.

They give you a fantastic recognition, gives you a  TITLE  and gives back YOUR money which YOU gives to them earlier and dump their products in your house.

At last when all the excitement cools off, you realise that you have been a SUCKER.

by Hock H.E.Tan

(MLM Practitioner since 1975)


Authored by kevinn on 7th August 2010

Organisation and Maintainence

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When people saying they are doing or they are involved in MLM ( Multi-Level Marketing ), they are actually building a business. 

They are participating in selling, talking to prospects ( friends, relatives, colleague, neighbours, etc ) about the business.

Yes, selling is part of building your MLM business, but most importantly is to sponsor your prospects into the business, turning them from customers to become members / distributors of the company. In other words, make them your downlines. 

What is the difference between servicing customers and servicing downlines?

Customers buy your products, and you earn retail profits whenever they buy from you, but they come and go. They won't last. Selling won't take you far. 

Downlines are locked into your organisation. You earn whenever they and their downlines buy each month. They even buy at member's price. Building an organisation will outlast you in this business.

MLM business is about building organisation.

There are MLM companies out there that requires you to maintain sales in order to keep your organisation. ( Note : Not all MLM companies. )

If you forget or never maintain your sales in a single month or, for some, 2 months consecutively,  your whole downlines will be gone. You will have no downlines, zero.

For example : You have built up to 50 members, over a period of time, but you didn't maintain sales for the month of July, you will begin with zero member the next month, in August.

You will have to start sponsoring again. You will begin all over again.

Beware of losing your organisation.


Authored by kevinn on 30th July 2010


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Not only in building your MLM business, in life, you must have a target for yourself.

A target is knowing what you want to achieve. What exactly do you want?

Ask ourselves, this number one question : " What do I want? "

"We have to think of July. Month of June is already solved. July, we don't know what will happen", said Stanley. This is a norm, when it comes to business. You may do well this month and you know how much you will be getting, but you are not sure of your business in the coming months.

In MLM, there are some sales target that we need to achieve to entitle us for bonuses. Some company's compensation plans requires you to maintain personal sales, some is group sales and some requires you to maintain both personal and group sales each month.

Beside the sales requirement to entitle for bonuses or income, there are other targets that you may want to set for yourself. Every month, one should set a target to close certain sales for himself.

A target actually gives you a route to achieve something that you have set. It also helps you to evaluate your performance and helps you to watch your activities and to see what went wrong. It also eliminates procrastination.

"What is procrastination? your words are very deep, I need to open my dictionary," said Stanley, laughing, saying that word is more than 12 letters.

There is this saying :

" It is not enough to aim, you must hit your target ! "

Authored by kevinn on 6th July 2010

You must get paid

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Recently, I went for lunch at a restaurant. I ordered my food and drink.

After I am done, I approached the cashier counter to pay for my meal.

There was no one at the counter. So I waited patiently and the other staff noticed I was there, but they continued with their work. I was ignored. I asked the other staff in the beverage section to assist. He said " wait for the cashier "

So, I waited. There was another customer came and wanted to buy a bottle of mineral water. He couldn't wait, put down the bottle and left.

So I did the same! Hahaaha…

I don't know about the other guy who took some sweet and wanted to pay for his meal. He was there at the counter with me, waited for about 5 minutes to make payment. I have no idea what he do, after he saw me left.

I think back and put myself in the restaurant owner's shoe and felt that was a lost for the restaurant. The restaurant is open for business and provide service but didn't get paid from me and a few others. What if the cashier is not there for that whole day and no one from other department come to assist? How much they will lose?

So, the lesson is "Whatever you do, you must get paid." Same goes to MLM business. As distributors, everyone should know how are they being paid for their effort. They will know if they learn about the Marketing Plan for the MLM company he/she represent.

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Authored by kevinn on 20th March 2010

Car Fund

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This is the car my dad was driving back then, Mazda 808, before he achieved his Car Program in his Shaklee Business.

The Car Program or some may named it, Car Fund was not offered by all MLM companies. Some of the MLM Companies, to name a few, such as, Shaklee, Century Diamond, Nutrimetics, Tiens, Zhulian are those companies offering Car Fund as part of their incentives in their Marketing Plans.

On your left, is my younger brother, with me. I would like to wish him a Very Happy Birthday. Photo was taken in our grand auntie's house.

This was the car, Proton Saga 1.3 Megavalve, which my dad achieved in his Shaklee Car Program in year 1991. Many of his downlines achieved their Car Program too and their car registration plates are mixtures of these numbers 1,2,3, and 8. 

Today, car dealers are taking in old cars for scraping purpose and we decided to take that opportunity and change to a new car. Thank you for serving us for 18 years and yesterday we let it go!

Welcome to a new member of the family, here is, Perodua Myvi. For your info, this is not a Car Program,ok. My younger bro had his Myvi very much earlier. 

Some MLM companies giving cars for free when you hit a certain target set by the company. What you have to do is just get into the car and drive. Some companies will be paying for your car instalments when you achieve a certain group sales according to the Marketing Plan. If you don't achieve that group sales for that particular month, then you will have to pay it yourself. There are companies that offers different cars for different level of sales target achieved. Most of the cars offered by MLM companies are luxurious, such as Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

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Authored by kevinn on 23rd December 2009

Never make assumption

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This is one valuable lesson, which I learnt some time ago and I can never forget. 

I was doing a MLM business which requires quite a big start up capital and the product was very unique too.

I still could recall that night, I was doing a presentation to a friend in her house. What was shown to her was only the product and I only emphasize on the features and the benefits. I wanted to only sell the product to her.

No business presentation was shown to her, even I knew the Marketing Plan very well. I made the biggest mistake meeting a prospect and never show her the most important part of the business, the Marketing Plan.

Why didn't I present to her the Income part? I was making assumption that she won't be interested and moreover the business start up requires a big sum of money.   

Do you know what had happened?

A few months after that meeting, she joined that particular MLM company. I felt more frustrated, when I heard that she was doing it fulltime!

I have learnt my lesson and never make any assumption. Show both the product and the business, especially the business. 


Everyone is looking for money. Anyone would do something to make some extra income. And they will do anything to earn money to accomodate their desired lifestyle.

So my friend, its a must to show your MLM prospects both the product and the business. (Marketing Plan)

Lesson from W.H.Lock


Authored by kevinn on 15th August 2009

Monthly Maintainance

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Maintainance means sales produced in order to earn an income or bonus.

In MLM marketing plan, there will be a maintainance. It is either personal maintainance, group maintainance or some even both.

But there are companies that doesn’t require any maintainance at all. What do you think if there are such a company? Sooner or later, these kind of companies will be in trouble.

Personal Maintainance is easier to manage because it all depends on yourself to make the purchase of products each month to entitle for bonus. You buy whatever products that you need for your own consumption or products which is most saleable, so you can sell to your customers.

Where as, group maintainance is a little difficult. You will be monitoring your group sales by the end of the month to see whether the sales is adequate for bonus. If its not, you may want to call and help your downlines to make some more sales. What if it is still far from reaching the sales target, then you will have to buy some products for yourself and keep at home.

At times, your maintainance is more than the income that you get. This senario happens to those who are new in the business. For those who already very close to the top, they may not face this kind of difficulty.

For those companies that requires both personal and group maintainance, then you will have to fulfill both personal and group sales each month to entitle for your bonus.


Authored by kevinn on 26th July 2009


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Hello there,

I would like to refer to the previous post on "Breakaway". Remember, whenever new Leaders in your group are being created, you will have to keep on bringing in new members. The more you bring in, the more it will surrounds you, and it will look more like a Sunflower.

Some leaders will be using this method, that is to recruit as many as possible in hope for them to move the business.

Sunflower is another term used by many MLM distributors to describe the method of recruiting new members to join you. By having this way of recruitment, you will make personal profit and earn all by yourself. Working for yourself to earn what you are really worth.

You will also have hard time to train each one of them. There is no way you will be able to communicate, get in touch and train everyone of them. Finally, you will be tired and might give up by working too hard over a long period of time and get little results in the long run.

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Authored by kevinn on 21st July 2009

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