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Good day to you.

Dear friends, followers, loyal visitors, fellow comrades, it has been a while, since I write, and half of the year already left behind us. 

As we are aware of the product pricing difference in MLM, whereby one enjoy the membership price by joining as a MLM member, rather than just a customer, one may buy products below membership price at certain point of time.

In some MLM companies, there are choices of products packages, which gives members choices of singular purchase or bulk order for lower price, e.g. 1 product for $100,  3 products at $250 and 5 products at $380 and so on. 

There are some distributors from certain companies who sell MLM products below the membership price. The reason they do this is because, probably,  they are short of cash and they are desperate to earn back their capital/investment. These are the low quality distributors.  

They are concentrating on making big fast money from the marketing plan and willing to let go their products below the price they bought. They are not making retail profit from selling the product, nor will they breakeven/get back their capital. They lose by throwing at low prices, but gain bonuses from the marketing plan.

This method of letting go of products at lower price, will spoil the market, especially to other distributors of the same MLM company. If you look at the bright side, you may buy at the lower price and sell for a profit. 


Authored by kevinn on 14th July 2012

Australian 2 up plan

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Australian 2 Up Plan is another kind of Marketing Plan used by some MLM companies.

How it works?

When you join a MLM company as a distributor, you will build your business and generate sales volume. From the sales volume, you climb up the rank and earning the percentage, for example :

0-250PV = 3%, 450PV = 6%, 750PV = 9% and so on…

In order for you to be promoted, going up the rank, you must transfer 2 of your personally sponsored downlines to your upline.

The MLM Companies using this type of Marketing Plan are : Infinity Downlines, Nutrimetics and Holiday Magic.


Note: Holiday Magic already closed down in 1973.



Authored by kevinn on 18th October 2011

Elusive Carrot

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The donkey had no choice. The driver is controlling the donkey.

Donkey = Distributor

Driver = The Company

Carrot = Bonus


One of the reason of having Marketing Plan in a MLM Company is to know how are distributors being paid. 

Another aspect you will notice in a MLM Marketing Plans is the rank/position, in which you will achieve as your group grows. There are companies showing many levels of ranking and income potential by acquiring that rank. Nevertheless, not many distributors can achieve to the top/reach to the top, because the Company made it that way. There are others who make it achievable for their distributors.  


You can also cut the carrot and put the pieces on the ground for the donkey to eat or changing priorities and it will also move forward or to where you want it to go.

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Authored by kevinn on 12th October 2011

Simple Plan?

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What do you think of a company which pays you, even if you do not personally sponsor/recruit anyone in as your downline.

If someone sponsors you, and place 2 people under you and you get paid for not bringing anyone at all.  It's  good, but it won't last.

What do you think will happen in the long run? This company started in April 2011.  I bet in 1 year time, there will be some changes in the marketing plan.

What is your comment? 

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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 13th May 2011

MLM companies

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   There are good MLM companies and also BAD MLM companines. There are also GOOD MLM plans and also BAD MLM plans. How do you differenciate all these?

   You must pick a GOOD MLM company and a  GOOD MLM plan in order to succeed.  It is a plus if you can get an experienced and skillful upline to help you along the way.

   I can give you free advice if you need one. I do research and analyse MLM companies and their marketing  plans.

   Have a nice day.


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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 22nd April 2011

Doing MLM is hard

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Hello fellow friends,

You have heard and seen people became successful in MLM Business, how MLM could change their lifestyle.

It is not easy to be successful in MLM and it is also not impossible to make good income from MLM.

I heard from a successful MLM distributor during testimony session, recently,

He said :

" Doing MLM Business is hard, Working for people is harder "

and he also said :

"Doing MLM is like : drinking coffee, telling stories and making money"

You call up your friends to meet up for coffee and share the business.

This is all you do.

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Authored by kevinn on 12th February 2011

MLM scam

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Hello everyone,

Today, I want to talk about identifying a scam in the MLM Industries.

This guy comes to me and tell me: " You invest one time only. Once in your lifetime investment and you collect money every month "… " it is easy "

This will only apply to those selling coffins. The customer will need the coffin once. There is one time, a company selling coffins through MLM system.  

Imagine a businessman telling his customer  " next time you don't come and buy from me. I only sell to NEW customer ONCE."

MLM companies, NEED repeat sales. They will require you to do maintenance. Some requires you to do only group maintenance. And some requires you to do personal maintenance only. Some even both.

REMEMBER, if you need to pay ONCE only, forget it.

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Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 14th January 2011

Future of MLM

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The future of MLM will be 100% doing business online.

There will still be others who are not computer literate and about 20% will still have to meet belly to belly. 

Other than doing MLM, my hobby is analyzing MLM Marketing Plans/Compensation Plans.

Certain plans are distributor friendly and some are company friendly. Will you be able to differentiate between this  two? 

I am willing to assist if you have any problem choosing a good MLM plan.

I am not an expert, guru or consultant but I have some experience after doing MLM since 19.7.1975.


by Hock H.E.Tan


Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 9th January 2011

Distributor Friendly Plan

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Hello again.

I am Hock. I would like to continue from where I stopped, from the posting on Dec 11, and today, I will share with you about Distributor Friendly Plan.

Yes. Distributor Friendly Plan.

It means a company which makes it easy for distributors to earn a CONTINUOUS income. There are different types of Marketing Plans, and many strategies WITHIN the plans.

Any MLM company CANNOT survive, if its distributors find it difficult to earn income from its Marketing Plan. Then, the distributors will run to another company. I have seen many plans, for over 35 years. Not all MLM Marketing Plans are the same.

Recently, I have met this Founder and President, of a MLM Company, which I think is Genuine and Sincere in doing business.A true MLM Company. So, I signed up on the 23rd of November 2010 and I am inviting you to work this plan with me.

By the way, please beware of any MLM Companies which:

1) Sell Lots, Centers, Accounts, etc, etc,…

2) Only requires you to pay / invest only ONCE. (One time only)

3) Requires you to pay between RM5,000 to RM100,000 to be a stockist, either mobile stockist or main stockist.

4) Allows you to "top up" its entry level.

5) Unable to show you their AJL (Akta Jualan Langsung), or Direct Selling Act Licence.

6) Pays you for recruiting new members and do not have any physical products to sell.

Do remember, MLM is Multi-Level Marketing. What products are they selling? MLM companies do not sell members or distributors.

By Hock H.E.Tan

Authored by kevinn on 22nd December 2010

Independent Distributor

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When you signed up with a MLM company, you are normally called as, a Member.

"Are you a Member of so and so MLM company?" Yes, I am with so and so MLM company. I buy the products at membership price and I am able to sell at a profit, I can accumulate points for the redemption of other items and received bonuses every month, and so on.

There are many other name, like an Independent Distributor. Some named it as Marketing Executive.

An Independent Distributor must pay a membership fee to become a member of a MLM company. They are required to pay yearly fee in order to activate their membership. This is call membership fee renewal. Some companies requires you to do so.

There are companies that doesn't take any membership fee at all. A customer who buy a single product will be a member automatically and be able to start recruiting others.

An Independent Distributor can represent a MLM company. He/She can also represent other MLM company. Many people do.

Some of them represent so many MLM companies and changes MLM companies very fast. Last month, I saw you with ABC company, today, you come to see me with XYZ company.

People doing 1 MLM company and do another, perhaps because of their products differences.

If one doesn't do well in a MLM company, one may change to another. There are reasons, perhaps they don't give time for their business to grow, or they give up too soon in their first MLM company.


Authored by kevinn on 26th November 2010

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