Direct Selling Act

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Direct Selling Act or in Malay Language, it is called “Akta Jualan Langsung” (AJL) is a MLM licence registered with the Ministy of

It is a must in any legitimate Multi Level Marketing companies.

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Perspective has a wide meaning and to make it easy to understand, it simply means point of view.

A subject or topic of discussion is viewed by many people around us.

Each of these people has their own view on a single, same subject and they are not wrong, they are all correct.

An individual acts / reacts in a certain way depends on many reason – from the way they are brought up, culture, believes, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, background, needs, wants and desires. No two human beings are exactly the same, even twins.

Some people may define Multi-Level Marketing business as a get rich quick scheme. The reason because they join the company, with an intention to make a lot of money in a very short time. For the first timer who joined with a group of leaders, who play the money game method, these first timer will never get involve in any of these MLM business, when they fail in their first MLM company. To first timer, MLM is a money game.  The way we look at things. 


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Authored by kevinn on 15th September 2016

Never win any argument

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Never win people with arguments.

Rather defeat them with your smile.

Because people who always wish to argue

with you can not bear your SILENCE.


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Authored by kevinn on 28th March 2016

Action and Words

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     More Money

              More Choice


     Less Money

              Less Choice


     No Money

             No Choice


Authored by kevinn on 17th July 2015

Feel it

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Hello guys,

Most of us made assumption about many new things. Some said “it has never been done before” and “I bet it won’t work!” and there are also people saying “It has been done before and it is a failure!”  

If you want to know what is it all about? Get yourself in it! Enroll, pay the fee, get yourself involved! Get a coach, go for training! 

Yes! I did it! Most of my friends was surprised about what I did out of a sudden, two weeks ago! Yeah! I enroll for it and I go for the class, did what I was suppose to do! follow the rules, instructions and I felt it myself!

Felt the satisfaction of learning new things and I challenged myself, telling myself that I could do it! and I did it!  for the first time, never before in my life!

Yes, I feel the satisfaction! It is great! and I also feel the pain! 

I get the feel of it! No one else will know how is the feeling, only you. If they want to know how’s the feeling, they have to be in it!


Authored by kevinn on 23rd November 2012

Don’t Compare

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  Don't compare

  your life to others.

  You have no idea

  what their journey is all about.





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Authored by kevinn on 17th November 2012

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