Herbalife Magazine

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Herbalife Journal / Magazine on my living room table.


Authored by kevinn on 15th October 2010

Bank doing MLM

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A couple of years back, Al-Rajhi Bank introduced its (AFF) Al-Rajhi Friends and Family program with this diagram at the back of their product brochure. A Bank doing MLM. I was surprised to know about it from my dad.

The products are Car Financing, Housing Financing and Personal Financing.

All you do is to open a Saving account or a Current account to participate in this AFF program, with only RM100.00 deposit. The bank will give you some sort of a "Starter Kit" and deduct RM50.00 of your RM100.00. It is not necessary to be a borrower or to take up a loan with the Bank, to be able to earn bonus/income.

How are we, as the Bank customer, who introduces customers to the Bank being paid?

Payment will be made to customers / introducers, provided the borrower made their monthly instalment.


Authored by kevinn on 3rd March 2010

A facelift

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This is how my car looks like today! A new facelift, or colourlift – Sunset Orange and Black, kind of sporty, if I look at it on the bright side.

There is no way, you won't meet with an accident on the road when you are driving or riding a bike. It's either you hits someone or someone hits your beautiful new car.

Similar to Network Marketing. Sometimes you got involved in NM and you got a very bad experience, and you promise yourself not to get involve in any kind of NM business anymore in your life. You have changed and close your mind totally whenever any business is related to NM.

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Authored by kevinn on 22nd November 2009

Island Red Cafe

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When this concept came into the market, my first impression was "Why didn't I think of that? –  Cafe doing MLM " There are no products involved but only services.

Its a unique way to bring crowd to dine in to the restaurant and the customers will keep on coming back, for they are given food voucher monthly, when they join as a member. (or some called it as a shareholder) The initial investment was quite big but it changes as time goes by, to capture the other group of people. They will earn commissions whenever they introduce other friends to join as member of the cafe.

Many people have different perception of Island Red Cafe today. There are both mixture of good and bad experience.

Island Red Cafe marketing plan can show residual income potential. I know there are people earning this income, but it has to also balance up with the proper handling of the company. The people behind the show is important to make this cafe a success. 

I joined as a shareholder but I didn't bring anyone to join in. I took the risk myself. When things go wrong in any business, the person whom you introduced will normally blame you. This things happened. We hope the management will do something for the benefit of the members.


Authored by kevinn on 14th November 2009

I want to form a TEAM

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Come back to the topic of  "Making calls without SIM card".

I had a discussion with the COO of CNR (ClicknRing) this morning and he had this idea of  forming a TEAM. It is very interesting and I agreed that in every organisation, people need some kind of a TEAM to give them the support they need. Some kind of a back-up.

The organisation needs a TEAM. I know that I can’t do it by myself. Nobody can.

The TEAM would consist of  8 people, to start a little CNR project together and it will benefit each of us. So far, I have a friend with me, both of us have actually been with CNR for quite a while, since 2006, in an Off and On mode.

We are looking for another 6 friends out there, to join us. Part-timers will do. I have a few ideas in mind. But, lets see what can we do with "more heads is better than one" discussion method.

Preferably friends staying in Malacca, so we could meet up and discuss as often as we could. Nothing is fixed yet at this particular moment. We will have the whole weekdays to think and get ideas and, we will be executing our plans on the weekends. 

Let our imaginations run wild.

For more information, email me at diversitycoon@yahoo.com or call me at 0162287151

I will be looking forward to be working with the TEAM!

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Authored by kevinn on 18th October 2009

Young Potential

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Yesterday, I brought my two young cousins back home, since it school holiday and they got nothing to do.

I guess, it is better for me to share with them something about MLM.

In the afternoon, after we had our lunch, then I brought them to the office and let them listen to what the MLM company CEO has got in store for them.

They seem interested.

Who knows. They may get involve in MLM in earlier stage in life, while they are still in school.

As soon as they reach home, I saw one talking to their sister and one talking to his father about what they have heard with so much enthusiasm.





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Authored by kevinn on 22nd September 2009

Set Up New Office

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Hi everyone,

It was raining this morning and I couldn’t go for a jog.

But I met up with the CEO/COO of CNR ( clicknring ) in the New Office in Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka. The first time I entered the office, I was attracted to the colourful carpets and walls in the office.

The CEO was cleaning up the office and sweeping the floor.

Can you imagine, what kind of a CEO/COO will do that? I think " Its one of a kind ". 

Very rare to see this kind of CEO/COO. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

I am honoured to be working with him. He has got what it takes to begin the business and accomplished his goals so far, for the past 3 years of the business.

This office will be the place where we meet, to do demonstration on the phone and explanation on the business plan.

Although, there are a few more things to be done in the office, but we are ready for business!

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