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This is the car my dad was driving back then, Mazda 808, before he achieved his Car Program in his Shaklee Business.

The Car Program or some may named it, Car Fund was not offered by all MLM companies. Some of the MLM Companies, to name a few, such as, Shaklee, Century Diamond, Nutrimetics, Tiens, Zhulian are those companies offering Car Fund as part of their incentives in their Marketing Plans.

On your left, is my younger brother, with me. I would like to wish him a Very Happy Birthday. Photo was taken in our grand auntie's house.

This was the car, Proton Saga 1.3 Megavalve, which my dad achieved in his Shaklee Car Program in year 1991. Many of his downlines achieved their Car Program too and their car registration plates are mixtures of these numbers 1,2,3, and 8. 

Today, car dealers are taking in old cars for scraping purpose and we decided to take that opportunity and change to a new car. Thank you for serving us for 18 years and yesterday we let it go!

Welcome to a new member of the family, here is, Perodua Myvi. For your info, this is not a Car Program,ok. My younger bro had his Myvi very much earlier. 

Some MLM companies giving cars for free when you hit a certain target set by the company. What you have to do is just get into the car and drive. Some companies will be paying for your car instalments when you achieve a certain group sales according to the Marketing Plan. If you don't achieve that group sales for that particular month, then you will have to pay it yourself. There are companies that offers different cars for different level of sales target achieved. Most of the cars offered by MLM companies are luxurious, such as Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

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Authored by kevinn on 23rd December 2009

2 Responses to “Car Fund”

  1. Hock Says:

    I would like to comment on the car programme. I would prefer money instead of the car. There are 2 reasons for doing MLM. Some people only want to use the product or services. Like me I want to earn the money. I don’t prefer companies that gives voucher instead of money. I cannot use the voucher to pay for my electricity bill.

  2. kevinn Says:

    Thank you Mr. Hock for your frank comment. Yes, there are people who prefer cash to a car, when they see a car as a liability and cash as an option to spend it or to diversify investments. Unfortunately, car programme can not be converted to cash in any MLM company so far. There are MLM companies that offer private plane and yacht program, which can be converted to cash. 

    Some people prefer products/services and there are people who choose business. Every people have their own reason for becoming a member of a MLM company. Vouchers are given as part of the incentives to exchange for other goods, which we normally called it redemption coupons or vouchers to purchase products at a discounted price from that same particular MLM company.

    I do agree cash instead of getting vouchers for the purpose of paying small expenses and bills, etc. 

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