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Hello and Good Day to all.

I am back again to talk more about Marketing Plan. Let’s continue from my previous posting on the Stair Steps.

Every new distributors will reach the 21%-ter position. What will happen if your downline reached the same position as you?

You have build up a person "A" to reach the 21% position, as same as you. You will earn a certain percentage from him and his group.

In order for you to over rides A’s group sales of lets say, 4%, you will have to achieve a certain PV (sales volume) from the remaining group.

At times, one may buy up in order to earn from his 21%-ter. What will happen if the person at 18% achieve 21%?

Eventually there will be more downlines who will achieve the same position as you and your remaining group gets lesser. 

You will have to find more new recruits to maintain the sales to earn the 4% from all your 21%-ter downlines. The 4% is called Leadership Bonus, which you earn from building downlines to achieve up to your level.

There are still companies applying this Breakaway plan. And there are even new companies today, using this kind of plan.


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Authored by kevinn on 9th July 2009

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