Never make assumption

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This is one valuable lesson, which I learnt some time ago and I can never forget. 

I was doing a MLM business which requires quite a big start up capital and the product was very unique too.

I still could recall that night, I was doing a presentation to a friend in her house. What was shown to her was only the product and I only emphasize on the features and the benefits. I wanted to only sell the product to her.

No business presentation was shown to her, even I knew the Marketing Plan very well. I made the biggest mistake meeting a prospect and never show her the most important part of the business, the Marketing Plan.

Why didn't I present to her the Income part? I was making assumption that she won't be interested and moreover the business start up requires a big sum of money.   

Do you know what had happened?

A few months after that meeting, she joined that particular MLM company. I felt more frustrated, when I heard that she was doing it fulltime!

I have learnt my lesson and never make any assumption. Show both the product and the business, especially the business. 


Everyone is looking for money. Anyone would do something to make some extra income. And they will do anything to earn money to accomodate their desired lifestyle.

So my friend, its a must to show your MLM prospects both the product and the business. (Marketing Plan)

Lesson from W.H.Lock


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Authored by kevinn on 15th August 2009

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