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What is this man doing in the middle of the road?

Can you see a cigarette he is holding?

This guy in his shorts and slippers, under the hot sun, walking around for a cigarette. He goes from one car to the other, while all these drivers are waiting at the traffic lights. 

Some drivers do smoke, but are not willing to give him a stick, afraid he might attack them. But he is harmless, he just want to smoke, that's it.

He came towards me, and he did ask from me, showing fingers sign, unfortunately I don't smoke, so he didn't manage to get it from me. I used to see him some time ago, then he is gone. Now, he is back….again. 

When the lights turn green, he will be sitting by the roadside until another fleet of cars comes, and he goes on asking until he get a stick. 

Hey guys, guess what will he do after he finally got a cigarette?

. . . He will now go around for someone, who has a lighter. He mission now, is to go again from one car to another for a lighter.

At times, he only got a cigarette. Sometimes, he is lucky enough to get his cigarette and someone kind enough to light it up for him. 

I like his attitude of never giving up, he knows what he wants, and keep asking.

Failure is nothing to him, he just keep on asking, asking and asking.

Hopefully, someone out there, would offer him a job, or give him something to do, make him earn his money. At least he could earn a living, rather than wandering around, could knock down by a car. 




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Authored by kevinn on 1st October 2012

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