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   MLM has been around in Malaysia since 1972. The 1st MLM company was Holiday Magic. It closed down in 1973.  If you want to know how it works , look at Lamb Berger.  Those days MLM company do not need an AJL to operate business.  AJL only started in June l993.

  If you want to join any MLM company do contact me first, I will tell you the good and the bad of the company . It will safe you time and money and let you make the decision.  Up till now I have not found  a perfect MLM company yet. I have found one which is almost perfect.


Biosis started March 2011.

Power Root going to start soon, not sure when.

Unilever going to start around August 2011.

  • Authored by Hock H.E. Tan on 5th April 2011

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    1. Indra Says:

      Hi Hock H.E. Tan,
      I just came across a company called Melaleuca from a friend. What say you about this company?

    2. Hock H.E. Tan Says:

      Hi Indra,
      Tq for your question. I have been approached by a friend to join Melaleuca but I didn’t sign up because I don’t like the idea of buying up RM800 worth of products to start a business. There are so many plans in the market which doesn’t require me to buy up. If I like the product, I will buy and use. I also don’t like the auto maintain. Its like forcing me to buy up. It should be a free enterprise.

      I am not against personal maintenance. Personal maintenance is healthy. If nobody maintains where does the company get the money to pay bonuses. Forcing a distributor to auto maintain is bad. It is a distributor’s choice to maintain or not. In this case the company makes it compulsory. My friend make me sign the auto maintain form and ask for my Photostate IC, front and back.

      The company is genuine. It is not a SCAM.

    3. Indra Says:

      Thanks Hock for the reply.

      Personally I am also disagree on the auto maintain but isn't most of the MLM need us to maintain some 'points' every month?
      I'm a first timer in network marketing, do you have any advice if i were to join in the future?
      BTW, what is AJL means?

    4. Jun Kit Says:

      Hi Hock,
      What's your opinion on Unilever?
      How does the business work, in terms of do I need to purchase stuff first, sell later or so? Is this a safe MLM to join; or is it a 'scam' ?
      Jun Kit

    5. Hock H.E. Tan Says:

      Hi Indra,
      AJL is Akta Jualan Langsung (Direct Selling Act)

      Hi Jun Kit,
      Thank you for your interest in Unilever. Unilever started in 1890 and is now operating in 150 countries. Their sales for 2009 is 55 Billion. The top ten MLM companies total combined sales is only 39.1 billion. Unilever started its MLM, named AVIANCE in Thailand in 2001.

      They are now in Malaysia and they got their AJL 931915 on the 2nd week of July this year. They are doing renovations somewhere in PJ Hilton at the moment. They will start business on 19th October, 2011. Their top earner is making RM300,000 plus A MONTH. It is a safe company to join and it is not a scam. There is no such thing as buy up products in AVIANCE. You can recruit a BA (Business Associates) and a PM (Preferred Members) . BA are those interested to DO the business. PM are those who will join only to use the products. What ever your PM buys in their name IS your PERSONAL MAINTENANCE.

      I have been doing a lot of research about this company and has been waiting for its AJL. I am now doing the recruiting. My upline is the 1st Malaysian to bring this AVIANCE to Malaysia. If you are interested I can get them to speak to you, or you can go back to the person who tries to sponsor you.
      Have a nice day, Jun Kit.

      It is a safe company to join. It is not a scam.

    6. Jun Kit Says:

      Hi Hock,
      Thanks for your speedy reply!
      Jun Kit

    7. hock Says:

      You are most welcome. You can sign up in Aviance on 18th of August but the sales of products will start on the 18th of October this year.
      The application forms for 5 pieces at RM3.00 on 18th August.

    8. go ask alice movie Says:

      recently, there is a new MLM by the name of WorldVentures, it will start to break the ground in Malaysia. Have you heard about it? It requires a new member to find 6 members within the first month to get an incentive. This is just one motivation package. Then, you have to pay USD199 as the user of its travel booking system and monthly subscription of USD50; if you get 4 members then the subsequent maintenance is waived. What do you think?

    9. go ask alice movie Says:

      Hi Bernard,
      Welcome! I heard of it one year ago.
      This company only set a system for the purpose of travelling, only make money from recruiting.

      Within 30 days, you have to recruit 6 people, each paying USD3,600. can u do it? If u can, go ahead. If you can recruit 6, and your downlines can’t, then don’t do it. The Comp Plan now, may be different due to not many people joining.

      But, take a look at this make money by sharing.

    10. go ask alice movie Says:

      Hi Hock, what do you think of Jeunesse? They are growing quickly globally. Tried the products and are quite good. Please let me have your comments. Thanks.

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