” Thank you ”


What other words should I begin with, but an appreciation to many of my friends who have help me.

RunawayLeg.com will not be possible without the help of these people, I couldn’t have done without them.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to these wonderful people.

I wouldn’t be involved in MLM without the spirit of entrepreneurship of my late dad, Mr. H.E.Tan a.k.a. Hock. He introduced the Greatest Opportunity of a Lifetime, and it made a fantastic IMPACT in my life. It all started when I was still in school. He has inspired and guided me until today.

Mr. Benjamin Lee, my website teacher, who helped with the technicality in creating and running of RunawayLeg until today and made this blog possible! He is a genius.

I like to thank my Grandpa, Mr. Tan Guan Cheng, for teaching me about facts of life, being polite, respectful to others, especially to the elderly, everywhere I go and in whatever I do.

I like to thank to the late Mr Stanley Tan who is my upline in a MLM company, who has shown me about life values and building relationship. I like to thank Mr. Chan Kia Liang for also being my upline, and staying in touch with me.

Thank you to Mr. James Goo, he is the link whereby I met Linda Ng, who then introduced me to Mr. Benjamin Lee. I would not forget Mr. Jimmy Chew, Irene Law, Adrian E, Toh Yoke Lin, for showing their support and encouragement to me, and for being loyal blog visitors.

I like to also thank Mr.Hock H.E.Tan, Karen Wee, Jac, Anis and En. Syamsul for being drivers and advertising the RunawayLeg.com web address on their vehicles back bumpers 

Thank you to you, readers who have kept visiting, commenting, giving feedback and for staying with me until today.


Thank you once again.




Updated :  28/11/2015


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