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Dear friends, loyal visitors, bloggers, network marketers and for the first timers, Welcome to RunawayLeg! 

My name is Kevinn, and this site is a journal of my thoughts and my journey in (MLM) Multi-Level Marketing industry.

What is it about RunawayLeg?

The word “RunawayLeg” was formed, as a domain name, for this blog, with the encouragement and support given by Hock, Benjamin and Irene. I have written down a long list of domain names on paper for a week and it took me about 5 hours online, to finally became the owner of this name.

Throughout my involvement, MLM became more interesting year after year. And knowing that, there are many people involved in MLM and there are still many others who have misunderstood about this industry, had inspires me to start

Although, there are so many MLM companies being mentioned in this blog, I don’t represent all of them. It would be good, if one could do only one company, and do it well.

I am dedicated to keep you posted with all that I know, giving you my 100%. covers the following topics :-

Announcement, FAQ, Life, Marketing Plan, MLM Company, MLM Overview, People, Personal Development, Product

I am sure there are many friends and MLMers out there who can share their views and experience. Your contributions to this blog is very much appreciated for the benefit of all. I believe, the more you give, the more you’ll get.

I would like to have an interactive two way traffic in this one stop MLM centre.

Once again, I would like to welcome you to Happy Reading and Happy Sharing!

Thank You.


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P/S: Do not hesitate to give me a call, and share your views, we could meet up and exchange views and ideas for

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