Do something you have never done

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  If you want something in your life

  you’ve never had,

  you’ll have to do something,

  you’ve never done.

                                                                        –  JD Houston




Authored by kevinn on 27th December 2017

There is enough out there

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there is a lot of money to be made

Authored by kevinn on 26th December 2017


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To be a winner,

all you need to give is

all you have.



Authored by kevinn on 26th December 2017

What do you want to become?

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Authored by kevinn on 26th December 2017

Early Retirement

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Authored by kevinn on 15th December 2017

RF3 World

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I was introduced by my former upline in previous Network Marketing company. It happened when we are having our residence general meeting one evening in mid of November 2015. After the meeting, after all residents had gone home, she approached my family and I, saying she wants to show us some magic.

She shown us the short and effective demonstration, applying the Firmax3 cream onto one side of my wrist and neck. After the second application, in just minutes, I can see the difference, not the lines on my cheek but also see the effect on four others. I was convinced with the so call magic show. Datin Shareena illustrate further on the business, by drawing the marketing plan to us.

Then I recalled, I was tagged in Facebook photo much earlier by another MLM leader, Abdollah, also known as Dodi, whom I later came to know he is the upline of hers. I glance through the simple ordinary looking product and I can’t believe what it can do to us.


Authored by kevinn on 2nd December 2017

Our eyes are bigger that our stomach

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wants more than we can handle

Authored by kevinn on 1st December 2017


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I have been working for 20 years in this company.

Authored by kevinn on 1st December 2017

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